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Early Madonna

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Just the Seashell Rosary  $85.00

Seashell Rosary and the Shell Case $95.00

The rosaries are artworks and are handmade with real seashells. They are also very durable. We are using the Dove shell from the Philippines on this, our first rosary for the Hail Mary beads. The Dove seashells are strong and are perfect for rosaries. The links are made of seashell round 9 mm seashells beads. The string we use is a strong synthetic line resistant to abrasions from the shells and almost impossible to stretch or break. The center piece is a trumpet seashell representing the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The cross is a polished sliced seashell with a gold plated Jesus. It is the first I know of and I hope you will be as excited as I am that the world has brought forth a seashell rosary! Thank you and many thanks to a great number of people who have made this all possible. Most of all, thanks to God for having given us The Blessed Virgin Mary and the gift of the Rosary!